Ex Libris - Altered Books

The exhibition currently on display at the Bucks County Museum will be exhibited at Blickling Hall, Norfolk as part of the "Trust in Art" artist in residence and performance and installation work.

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Books: Nil Admirari: Kate Crossley, To Slay a Dragon: Melissa  Orrom Swan, Geisha World: Barbara Pearman & Poor Yorick: Pamela Wood.

Smoke fired pots

Smoke fire b.jpg

I've had a lot of fun experimenting with smoke firing pots in a dustbin. The Wingrave Art Club took part in making and burnishing the thumb pots.The dustbin was packed with sawdust and the pots were partially wrapped in foil with maize husks, seaweed and salt. We also added copper and iron oxide.


Midsummer Bonfire 2016

This has become a tradition - Tony's bonfire is always a huge structure and lit at Midsummer.    This year we clad it with the cardboard set of London, which I had made for Dick Whittington as it is 350 years since the Great Fire of London.


Wingrave Art Club at the Barn last Wednesday.

Making textures by pressing things found at Sunneyhill Closes, such as old rusty nails and tools, wood bark, leaves, grasses etc and making into all sorts of things such as cane toppers or cylindar pots. Next Wednesday we will try burnishing things ready for a smoke firing.